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     Toward the end of 2020, following the COVID-19 Pandemic, we felt a need to give back to our community. DAI was very blessed through the course of the pandemic, while other small businesses and large businesses alike faced struggles that were unforeseen prior to COVID-19. We could not take this good fortune for granted, so we decided to implement an annual outreach program within our company.
     In the first quarter of 2021 we posted on Facebook asking our followers to comment the names of non-profit organizations that meant something to them, organizations that were near and dear to their hearts. In March 2021 our team voted on a list of organizations that we would put our efforts toward fundraising for. Unanimously, our team voted that our first annual outreach organization would be St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 
     Each year we will choose a different organization to benefit from the efforts we put forth for fundraising. Each year fundraising will look a little different. We chose to name our annual main fundraising event "La Fête de Don" which translates from French to English as "The Donation Party". The event will be composed of two parts. The first will always be some type of friendly competition and the second will always be some sort of reception. We chose to create a unique, non-repetitive fundraising event that would be something the community could look forward to hearing about each year. 

Our mission for La Fête de Don
La Fête de Don is a philanthropic branch of the Doctors' Advantage brand committed to giving back to non-profit organizations on an annual basis. 


Annual Outreach

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Read about our event information here:

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Create your very own fundraising page with our event through St. Jude's Platform. Click here:

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